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Facebook Fundraising

Raise funds for Help Me Help You on Facebook.

Facebook makes is simple and quick to set up a fundraiser to benefit Help Me Help You.  This is a great way to raise awareness and donations for Help Me Help You.  Simply dedicate a special occasion like your birthday or anniversary to Help Me Help You and your friends can safely and easily make donations to help you reach your set fundraising target.

Steps to Start Your Help Me Help You Facebook Fundraiser 

1. Click on this link and follow the steps on Facebook.

Or Follow the steps below:

1. Open Facebook on your mobile or computer and navigate to ‘Fundraisers’, located under the main menu.

2. On the Fundraisers page, click ‘Raise Money’ or ‘Select Nonprofit’. 

3. Enter Helplb to find and select our page.

4. Fill in the details for your fundraiser, keeping in mind that the more information you provide, the more likely people are to engage and contribute.

5. When setting your amount, consider the impact you would like your fundraiser to make, and share these details with your friends and family. Every donation helps so aim high! 

6. Set the duration of your fundraiser. The default time is 7 days. Help Me Help You recommends 7-14 days, to maintain momentum and keep your Facebook friends interested.

7. Name your fundraiser. Help Me Help You recommends personalizing it, so that your fundraiser stands out and friends are more likely to click on it. E.g. Help Jane raise funds for her 30th Birthday to help end hunger and homelessness. 

8. In this section, let your Facebook friends know why you are fundraising for Help Me Help You. Talk about the cause, what it means to you and the impact donations will make. Facebook Friends will be more likely to support your fundraiser if they can clearly understand the ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s’.

9. Choose a powerful image as the face of your fundraiser. You are welcome to use photos posted on Help Me Help You Facebook page or email us for photos at

10. Click ‘Create’ to make your fundraiser go live! Once live, spread the word about your fundraiser by clicking ‘Invite Friends’.

11. Kick things off, show your commitment and build momentum by donating to your own Help Me Help You Facebook Fundraiser!  

12. Share your Facebook Fundraiser on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

13. Once your Help Me Help You Facebook Fundraiser is complete, thank your supporters and share how much money you raised. 

Thank you and good luck! We appreciate your support and effort to Facebook Fundraise for Help Me Help You so we can continue to serve the underserved.

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