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Long Beach Food Pantry Delivery

Get your FREE Long Beach Food Pantry Delivery (LBFPD) – nutritious groceries with recipes home delivered.

With a mission to ensure seniors and people with disabilities in our community don't go hungry, Help Me Help You provides FREE nutritious fresh and packaged groceries delivered to the homes of eligible clients. 


Help Me Help You is already serving more than 2,000 residents each week with FREE nutritious groceries via our 11 Grocery Grab N Go locations and 500 seniors via LBFPD.  

Commencing July 1st, 2023, eligible senior residents and people with disabilities who can’t access our Grocery Grab N Go locations can qualify for food pantry delivery to their homes in  Long Beach, California. Long Beach Food Pantry delivery is available up to twice per month for a $10 home-delivery fee for each delivery. 

Check Your Eligibility for LBFPD:

If you answer “yes” to any of the following, then you may be eligible for FREE food pantry delivery:

  • Aged 60 years or older

  • You or a family member have a physical or mental disability that restricts your ability to access food pantry/grocery grab-n-go locations.


If You Answered Yes To Any Of The Above, You Must Also Meet the Following Criteria To Be Eligible:

  • Have difficulty preparing or obtaining food. This includes difficulty obtaining groceries and preparing fresh, nutritious meals.

  • Reside in the City of Long Beach (we are working on expanding our services to neighboring areas in the future).

For more information on LBFPD, please call (562) 612 5001. To register your interest in the LBFPD service, please click on the registration button and complete the form.


We are currently looking for sponsors and donations to support this life-changing service.

We are currently looking for sponsors and donations to help support this life-changing service, to cater to special dietary needs, and expand our service to feed more seniors in need. Click the Donate Now button to make a secure online donation or see how you can become a sponsor.                

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