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Long Beach Food Pantry Delivery

With a mission to ensure seniors and people with disabilities in our community don't go hungry, Help Me Help You provides nutritious, fresh, and packaged groceries delivered to the homes of eligible clients. Our grocery selection caters to Diabetes-Friendly, Heart-Healthy, Gluten-free, and Vegetarian options.


Since 2006, Help Me Help You has provided food security programs and serves more than 3,000 residents weekly with FREE nutritious groceries via our 11 Grocery Grab N Go community and school locations!  

Eligible senior residents and persons with disabilities who can’t access our Grocery Grab N Go locations can qualify for food pantry delivery to their homes in Long Beach, CA, and the surrounding area. This includes the cities of Carson, Lomita, Wilmington, Signal Hill, and more.  (We can deliver to cities within a 10-mile radius of our location in 90813).

Long Beach Food Pantry Delivery services are available for a delivery fee of $10 for each delivery.  You may select to have groceries delivered bi-weekly, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly at a fee of $10 per delivery. 


The Long Beach Food Pantry Delivery fresh and packaged groceries can include a variety of the foods listed below and can cater to your dietary preference:



  • Fresh oranges, apples, mangoes, strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches, squash, broccoli, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, beans, brussel sprouts, peppers, etc.  Frozen and canned fruits and vegetables.


  • Shelf-stable and fresh milk, cheese, butter, eggs, etc., and vegan options like Almond Milk.


  • Bagels and other varieties of breads, pasta, oatmeal, cereal, split peas, pinto beans, black beans, rice, etc.


  • Frozen or fresh ground beef, chicken, fish, shrimp etc.  Canned and packaged tuna, beef, chicken, pork, and beans. 


  • Juice, soup, peanut butter, noodles, tomato sauce, nuts, oil, sweet pastries, specialty and seasonal items, etc.

*Items will vary each week, and clients will receive a variety of items that are listed. Not all items are listed here.

Check Your Eligibility for LBFPD

If you answer “yes” to any of the following, then you may be eligible for food pantry grocery delivery:

  • Are you a senior?

  • Do you or a family member have a physical or mental disability that restricts your ability to access our food pantry/grocery grab-n-go locations?

  • Reside in or within 10 miles of zip code 90813. 

For more information on LBFPD, please call (562) 612 5001. To register your LBFPD service interest, please click the registration button and complete the form.


LBFPD is an Evidence-Based Program determined to fight the growing levels of senior hunger and malnutrition. It is provided by Help Me Help You and is funded in part by SCAN Health Plan, one of the nation's largest nonprofit Medicare Advantage plans, is dedicated to keeping seniors healthy.

We are currently looking for sponsors and donations to help support and expand this life-changing service. Your assistance supports program fees and assists clients who are not able to pay the delivery fee. Click the Donate Now button to make a secure online donation or see how you can become a sponsor.                

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