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This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer. 

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Benefits Advocacy, BEC, Benefit Enrollment Center, outreach and enrollments, CalFresh, Covered California, SOAR, SSI/SSDI, SSA, Social Security, DIsability, homeless, long beach, spa 8, LA Los Angeles County

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Main Office:  (562) 612-5001                       
Email:  info@helpmehelpu.org       
Website:  www.helpmehelpu.org
Help Me Help You
@ The Multi-Service Center
1301 W 12th Street, Long Beach CA 90813
Office Hours: Mon - Fri 10am to 4pm
Help Me Help You
@ DPSS Southwest Special
1819 Charlie Sifford Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90047
Help Me Help You
121 E Linden Ave, Suite B-107 
Long Beach CA 90802
By appointment only
Corporate Mailing Address:
Help Me Help You
P.O. Box 32861
Long Beach CA 90832-2861