Each day, millions of Californians struggle to feed their families nutritious food or simply go without because they can’t afford it. Help Me Help You is assisting to end this crisis by providing access to healthy food for those who qualify via CalFresh.


  As of June 2020, 4.8 million Californian residents have participated in CalFresh.

What Is CalFresh?

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CalFresh is a supplemental food program to help qualifying low-income individuals and families get the food they need to stay healthy. It is California’s version of the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formally known as Food Stamps. The CalFresh Benefit provides dollars via an EBT debit card to purchase groceries and fresh produce of your choice at participating grocery stores and farmers’ markets.


Household income and size determines how much CalFresh dollars you receive. On average each participant receives $166 per month.


How Does CalFresh Lower Poverty & Support the Economy?

Without CalFresh, nearly 700,000 additional Californians would be undernourished and in poverty. CalFresh also supports local businesses. For every $1 of CalFresh spent generates $1.79 for the local economy.

   30% of LA residents do not realize they are eligible to receive CalFresh.

Who Is Eligible For CalFresh?

CalFresh is available to individuals and families with low incomes. Citizens and most legal residents are eligible. Undocumented immigrants are usually not eligible, however they can apply for their children who are legal residents or U.S. citizens. Households without special circumstances must qualify under income guidelines.


If you have previously applied for CalFresh and were unsuccessful, you should try again. New legislation was passed to increase access and you may now be eligible.

Income Guidelines For CalFresh

Are There Any Concessions?

  • Although people who receive SSI/SSP do not qualify for CalFresh, other household members may qualify.


  • Gross income limits of SSI do not apply if you are 60 years of age or older or if you have a disability. You may also deduct certain expenses such as out-off-pocket medical costs and a higher amount of rent or mortgage costs

  • To qualify for CalFresh, households must meet the "net income" test which takes into account your expenses for shelter, medical bills, utilities, and childcare.


FREE CalFresh Enrollment Assistance:

Help Me Help You offers FREE CalFresh enrollment assistance. Our compassionate Calfresh experts simplify the application process, check your eligibility and assist you to access nutritious food quickly.


Once qualified, you will receive your CalFresh debit card and separate password to shop for groceries.


To stay eligible, all CalFresh recipients must complete report forms every six months with a semi-annual recertification.


Contact us today on (562) 612- 5001 to speak with one of our CalFresh advocates.


¿Cómo puedo solicitar CalFresh?

Podemos ayudarle en las siguientes maneras:

  1. Averigüe si son elegibles

  2. Envíe su solicitud

  3. Completar el proceso de solicitud

Una vez calificado, recibirá su tarjeta de débito CalFresh. Para permanecer elegible, todos los destinatarios de CalFresh deben completar los formularios de informe cada seis meses con una recertificación semestral.

Comuníquese con la oficina y pida hablar con nuestro Representante de CalFresh hoy (562) 612-5001



How To Volunteer To Help More Californian’s Access CalFresh:

Help Me Help You is always looking for volunteers to assist more Californian’s access the CalFresh benefit. If you are interested in volunteering to distribute CalFresh flyers in the community or with online enrollments, please register your interest below.


If you are a community-based agency interested in outreach materials or training for your staff, contact us on: (562) 612-5001 or register your interest.

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