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BREAKING NEWS: Join The Nutrition Knights Launch Festivities At Long Beach Schools

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Long Beach, California – Help Me Help You (HMHY) invites residents to the official Nutrition Knights school food pantry launch celebrations on May 14th, 2021 at Oropeza, May 19th at Cesar Chavez and May 21st at Stevenson Elementary Schools. The Nutrition Knights launch aims to encourage children and their families to access free nutritious groceries while enticing them back to the school environment with fun festivities.

Food insecurity remains a growing concern with the on-going COVID-19 Pandemic. According to No Kid Hungry, it is estimated that 1 in 4 children could suffer from food insecurity. Even with the re-opening of Los Angeles schools, a LAUSD survey reported results indicating that less than a third of students are likely to return school and would prefer to continue on-line schooling. This means more children will have less access to nutritious food contributing to climbing levels of food insecurity in our community. The effects of food insecurity are great and range from developmental and health problems to poor educational outcomes. Many families may not be aware they suffer from food insecurity as it can present as food anxiety, diet monotony, decreased nutrition and inadequate food intake. While other families who have recently been affected by unemployment may be at risk because they feel they are not entitled or shy away from free community food services.

The Nutrition Knights program was established to welcome all those in need to access free

groceries in a friendly and familiar environment. Nutrition Knights school food pantries also

provide a good opportunity to reacquaint and integrate school children and their families with their school. The launch will give children and their families the opportunity to meet and the Nutrition Knights mascot; receive giveaways and groceries; information on other free community benefits and much more. “It is our hope that the Nutrition Knights launch will bring families out of their COVID-19 impacted reclusive routine, integrate them back to schools and the community to access the benefits they need”, said Zina Washington, HMHY Executive Director.

Founded in 2004, Help Me Help (HMHY), 501(c)(3) is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to uplifting the lives of homeless and low-income residents by increasing access to food, public benefits, economic security, affordable housing as well as providing Social Security Benefits enrollment assistance to the public. HMHY partnered with No Kid Hungry to ensure school-aged children have access to the nutritional resources they need. Although there are currently three popular Nutrition Knights school food pantry locations as well as community locations, there remains a great community need for additional locations throughout the Long Beach area. If you would like a food pantry at your child’s school or if you think the school may be interested in hosting a food pantry, please contact us on (562) 612 5001.


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