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BREAKING NEWS: Help Me Help You Delivers Food Pantry Directly to Residents Affected by COVID-19

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

New food pantry delivery service ensures no Long Beach resident will go hungry

Long Beach, California – Help Me Help You (HMHY) launches new Long Beach Food Pantry Delivery service to extend free nutritional groceries to residents who are in need and unable to access their 6 food pantry locations due to health conditions. This service will protect the Long Beach community to ensure the elderly, sick and COVID-19 affected residents are able to access nutritional food safely as well as prevent further infection in the community.

The demand for HMHY Food Pantry has greatly increased over the last 6 months, seeing numbers of Long Beach residents receiving free food more than triple. In the last month, HMHY Food Pantries provided free nutritious groceries to more than 5000 residents in need. It became apparent to HMHY, Executive Director, Zina Washington that there is a growing necessity for food pantry to delivery to residents who are unable to access HMHY Food Pantry locations due to age, disability, COVID-19 infections/quarantine, and underlying health conditions. “With the increase in residents lining up at our food pantry locations for essential groceries, the surge in COVID-19 infections and stay-at-home order, we had to find a way to service our more compromised residents and food pantry delivery was the logical progression”, said Ms. Washington, HMHY Executive Director.

The HMHY Long Beach Food Pantry Delivery service has only been operating for a week and is already servicing over 100 Long Beach residents without any formal advertising. For one, 78-year-old Long Beach widowed-resident, this service could not be more welcome. “I would take 3 different buses and walk over an hour to get my groceries from food pantry, until I became too weak to make the trip. Thank God for HMHY, who are kindly delivering my food pantry selection of groceries to my door. I don’t know how I would survive without them”, said Thelma, HMHY Food Pantry Delivery client.

Those that qualify, can select their preferred delivery day/time and dietary preferences from a wide variety of healthy fresh or packaged grocery items to include milks, proteins, cereals, carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables.

With the growing demand for food pantry delivery, also comes the increase areas to service and dietary requirements needed to be catered for. Many residents require special diets due to food allergies, health or religious reasons, as well as preferences. HMHY has established a GOFUNDME page, to assist with the costs of providing special dietary foods and to meet the growing demand for delivery. To support HMHYs Long Beach Food Pantry Delivery go to: If you are interested in receiving Long Beach Food Pantry Delivery, please complete the registration form on our Long BeachFood Pantry Delivery page or call (562) 518 9760.

Founded in 2004, Help Me Help You is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, dedicated to uplifting the lives of homeless and low-income residents by increasing access to food, public benefits, economic security, affordable housing as well as providing Social Security Benefits claims assistance to the public.


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