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The compassionate team at Help Me Help You, is dedicated to working tirelessly to improve the lives of individuals, families and the community as a whole.  It’s such an honor, as well as professionally and personally rewarding to be of service. 

Here are some kind words from our clients and community recognition



“Help Me Help You changed my whole life. My benefits advocate was always there for me to go above and beyond to help me. I finally got the help and benefits I need. Thank you!” Gloria, Long Beach, CA

Gloria had been homeless at a shelter in Long Beach for over 2 years. Once she, contacted us our Benefits Advocates immediately assessed her as eligible for Social Security benefits and set a protective filing date with all the medical records. Her Benefit Advocate worked to collect additional records and submit the application, resulting in an awarded claim within 6 months of the filing date. 

Help Me Help You also assisted Gloria to be re-linked to healthcare services. The awarded benefits also gave Gloria the greatly needed financial security to attain permanent housing. 


“I’m so grateful to my Benefits Access Support advocate who worked tirelessly to get my benefits claim awarded, when I believed it was too difficult. Look no further, the benefits team at help Me Help You are the best!”  Forrest, CA


“The service was fantastic. I enjoyed talking to Mr. Brandon and am very satisfied with the service.”  Rudy, Long Beach, CA

Rudy had a FREE Benefits Case Review in August to apply for Social Security benefits and was staying at a homeless shelter. At this stage he did not have enough medical records to apply for a Social Security Disability claim but was 62 years of age. Help Me Help You offered him the opportunity to apply for Early Retirement while continuing to see a doctor and build a case for disability. Rudy accepted this option, the benefit application was filed in September and Rudy’s claim was awarded that same month. The total time for Rudy to receive an awarded claim was just over a month.

This provided Rudy with much needed financial assistance in the short term while continuing to see a doctor. Eventually, we will re-evaluate his medical records to see if he qualifies for a disability claim. 

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Jefferson Awards

Jerome Washington, Founder of the local nonprofit Help Me Help You was honored on March 31st at KABC's Jefferson Award Celebration.

The Jefferson Awards are a prestigious national recognition system honoring community and public service in America.

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