School Based Pantry


Every 1st and 3rd Friday this program connects families with the resources needed to provide their children with enough nutritious food, to focus in school and stay healthy. 


In the city of Long Beach 32% of our children live in poverty. One in four American children live in food insecure homes.  Many of these children go to bed hungry and they go to school each morning hungry.   These children are not just hungry because they do not have enough food to eat, but many do not participate in the nutrition programs offered by their schools, childcare centers or in their communities.   Across the county, more than 1 million children and teens qualify for free and reduced cost meal programs yet they do not participate.    




School Food Drives


Through the Kans4Kids Program we team us with local schools (Elementary, High Schools, and College) and partner to host food drives to collect food for low income families with school aged children.  We have also partnered with schools in the lowest income areas to provide pantry services.  This program helps to ensure that children receive the nutrition they need to perform well in school. 



Through the School Pantry program we also encourage healthy food choices, help eligible families access food stamps, and ensure access to nutritious meals.



Contact the office if your school, company or group is interested in participating, working together we can reduce childhood hunger  562-612-5001.