Financial Literacy

Improving Consumer Credit


U.S. News & World Report, a nationally recognized publisher of consumer advice and information, recently completed a nationwide survey on consumer credit, in order to get a comprehensive understanding of the challenges that consumers with bad credit face.

The study showed that 68% of consumers with bad credit reported that they are working towards improving their credit score. However, the study also found that consumers are unaware of how a credit score is calculated and 35% admitted to not doing any research the last time they applied for a credit card.

In an effort to help these consumers meet their financial goals, U.S. News created a guide that serves as a resource to improve financial literacy among consumers with bad credit. 


U.S. News & World Report’s credit survey and guide can be viewed here:


1.  2017 Survey of Consumers with Bad Credit


2.  Before You Apply


3.  Choosing the Best Credit Card for Bad Credit


4.  Cards to Avoid


5.  What is My Credit Score


6.  How to Rebuild Your Credit



Financial Literacy is the key to economic stability.


Many important life decisions involve money, from opening your first bank account through retirement planning, financial education can ensure your hard-earned money works for you.


Help Me Help You offers financial literacy classes designed to teach you how to manage your money and credit.  This program focuses on improving clients financial knowledge, skills, and attitudes; and financial behaviors which lead to improved financial outcomes and ultimately, increased assets. 


Coursework includes information on 1) Budgeting   2) Saving   3) The importance of Banking   4) Debt Management.   Representatives from local banks such as Bank of the West and others often join us to assist clients with opening new accounts and to answer specific banking questions.

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Financial Literacy Volunteer Instructors:  Catherine Kris-Lim, Yulandria Pearson, Richard Powers